How To Clean Griptape?

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As a skateboarder, it’s important to know how your skateboard works and how to take care of it. Hence, you’ll need to understand about each component on the board and their maintenances.

The grip tape, being one of the most important components on your skateboard, require frequent cleaning to ensure its longevity and functionality.

What’s a grip tape and why you need to clean your grip tape?

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In case you’re a beginner and haven’t noticed yet, the surface of your skateboard feature a rough and sticky layer. It’s called the grip tape, and it’s responsible for providing better grip for your feet. This allows you to stand on the board comfortably while maintaining better control over it. The frictional surface also enhances your grip when doing tricks.

After extended use, your grip tape would likely to be covered in dust and stain. This reduces the amount of grip you have on the board and makes it more difficult to skate on it. In additions, it’s also more dangerous to skate on a skateboard with dirty grip tape, you can easily lose your grip and fall off the board, causing serious injuries.

With that being said, it’s always good to know how to clean your grip tape if you’re into skateboarding.

How to clean grip tape?

It’s always important to clean your grip tape frequently. This helps maintain its good condition and make your grip tape more durable. If you neglect for too long, simple dust particles will turn into giant and bulky stains that are hard to wipe out.

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Most of the time, your skateboard will get dirty due to the dust and dirt that are on your shoes. So dusty grip tape has always been a norm if you’ve been practicing skateboarding long enough. To clean it, there are many different methods, and to be honest, whatever you do, it’ll probably work. It’s only dust, you can easily wipe them out or wash them out using water.

But if you’re looking for a quick and easy method, then the grip gum would be an awesome choice. You can purchase it in any skate shop around you and they’re great for fast cleaning your board. You’ll just have to lay the board on the ground with the deck facing up. Use the grip gum to scrub on the dusty surface and it’ll suck all the small particles that are sticking on your grip tape.

The effect is instantaneously and it’ll only take about 30 seconds before your board becomes clean once again.

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