What’s the worst injury I can get from skateboarding?

Though it’s a fun and relaxing sport, you can still be having fatal accidents when skating if you don’t know how to protect your body correctly. The protective gears aren’t there just to make you look good, they’re responsible for protecting your body from being hurt by accidents.

However, you should know that there is nothing wrong with skating correctly and a lot of cases in which accidents happen are either because the skaters don’t wear the proper gear or it’s because they don’t know how to protect themselves from falls.

In this post, we’ll raise your awareness with the most dangerous injuries in skateboarding and how can you protect yourself from them by practice falling in the proper ways.

The worst injuries

The protective gears
The protective gears

Bleeding palm, elbows, or knees

This might not be the worst injuries with skateboarding, but’s definitely the most common injuries that could happen with skateboarders. It’s because when we fall, our body naturally position these parts in front of the important organs, thus resulting in bruises and bleeding in these places.

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