Do you need special shoes for skateboarding?

Do you need special shoes for skateboarding

If you’ve been a longtime skateboarder, chances are that you’ve had couple pairs of shoes being torn apart due to the intensive skating activities. That being said, many are switching to skate shoes to enhance their skateboarding experiences as well as keeping their feet protected. In this post, we’ll be discussing about the needs of skate shoes for skateboarders.

Do You Need Special Shoes For Skateboarding?

It has long been an intense debate on whether you need skate shoes for skateboarding. While many of us tend to wear our regular shoes while we’re skating since it’s more convenient and fashionable. Skateboard shoes do have their undeniable advantages:

Better protection of your feet

The first and most important benefit of wearing skate shoes is that they provide better protection over your feet, especially when you’re practicing tricks and techniques on your board. The better cushion and padding would relieve the pain and fatigue from intensive practicing.

More comfortable on the grip tape

The biggest reason why many people call skateboards are “shoe destroyers” is probably because of the rough grip tape. While it does a great job at providing stability and control over the board, the rough surfaces of your grip tape would likely to sand off the bottom of your shoes, making them flatten and less durable. On top of that, the grip tape is also responsible for tearing your shoes due to its grippy nature.

Better performance

Since skateboard shoes are designed with skateboarding in mind, they tend to perform much better in this regard. That being said, you’ll find yourself comfortably performing tricks and techniques on the boards without putting too much pressure on the feet.

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