The Top 10 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Skateboard Wheels

As small as they are, you shouldn’t take lightly your skateboard wheels. They are one of the most important components of your skateboard. Without reliable wheels, your board would feel stiff, making it harder to control.

Which is why we believe that our list of top 10 things you need to know about skateboard wheels would surely benefit you.

How to choose your skateboard wheels?

the best skateboard wheels
the best skateboard wheels

It’s important for beginners to have basic understandings about skateboard wheels before spending your hard-earn money on them. Here you’ll find the quick guides on choosing your skateboard wheels:

  • First, you need to consider which types of skateboarding that you’re into. Different skating styles require different components, and it’s also right when it comes to wheels.
  • Knowing what do the ratings on your skateboard wheels mean is vital. You must be able to understand the diameter, durometer, and so on, in order to make the right decision.
  • In additions, the sizes and dimensions of your skateboard wheels shouldn’t be overlooked. As each skateboarding style requires certain types of wheels, it would be wise to know which one you’ll need.

Aside from that, there are lots of useful information we would like to provide you. Make sure you read through all the articles below to have a full understanding of skateboard wheels.

How does diameter affect your performance?

Also known as the size, your wheel’s diameter has significant effects on your board’s speed, turning, and acceleration.

Skateboard wheels usually measured in millimeter, a standard wheel size varied between 49-75mm. With bigger wheels, your boards will go fasters due to the longer distance covered by each rotation. However, they’re relatively harder to control compared to smaller ones.

On the other hands, most street skateboarder prefers wheels with small diameter since they’re more efficient for making tricks.

What are durometer and its purposes

Durometer measures a wheel’s hardness as well as durability, thus the name. The measurement covers a wide variety of different products, with skateboard wheels sectioned in the “A” lineup. Standard wheels should have a durometer rating from 70A to 95A. The larger the number, the harder the wheels will be.

For most activities, relatively hard wheels would be a more suitable choice. The reason being that these wheels provide better control and are more reliable for extended uses. However, if you own a longboard and enjoy cruising, wheels with low durometer will be effective when dealing with tough terrains.

Do all skateboard wheels fit all trucks?

Technically, yes. Since we use skateboard bearings to attach our wheels to the axle, it mostly depends on the bearing on whether your wheels would fit on the trucks. However, not all bearings can be mounted on certain trucks. So make sure your bearing is fit before choosing new wheels.

Do wheel shapes matter?

the Classic wheels
the Classic wheels

Not all wheels look alike, in fact, they’re quite different in terms of construction and function. Here are some basic shapes that you’ll likely encounter when choosing the perfect wheel for your board:

Narrowed outline – these wheels are designed to minimize their ground contacts, thus providing more cushion and reducing friction. They’re great for street skating and doing tricks.

Wider base – with reinforced base, the wheels are capable of fast riding as well as dealing with bumps.

Classic wheels – thanks to the wider outer lips, these wheels provide excellent cruising experiences. They provide excellent grip and balance for the skater to freely enjoy the scenery.

The different wheel textures

For certain skating purposes, skateboard wheels come in different textures. Some might feel relatively smooth, while others being sticky or treaded.

Most skateboarders choose smooth wheels for their board due to their versatile. You can use smooth wheels for all kinds of skating without feeling uncomfortable.

However, many people still prefer sticky wheels as they provide a better grip on the ground, ensuring safe and comfortable skating experiences.

How to clean your skateboard wheels?

basic understandings about skateboard wheels
basic understandings about skateboard wheels

Skateboard wheels, like any other components, require frequent maintenances so they can perform properly. Hence, I usually spend a couple of minutes after a skating session to give mine proper treatments. Here is how you should do it:

With your board laying upside down, use a wet cloth to clean the wheels. Get rid of all the dirt and debris that are stuck on it and the bearings. Finally, spray some wheel protectant on it for extra protection.

Doing this frequently and your skateboard wheels should stay new for a very long time.

How often should you change your skateboard wheels

Despite your best effort to keep your skateboard wheels in shape, the wear and tear from a long period of skating would eventually break it. That’s when you need new wheels.

There isn’t a fixed amount of time on how often should you change your wheels. You’ll just have to experience it for yourself. If you experience some problems with the board lately, it’s time to change new wheels.

Do skateboard wheels come with bearings?

Most of the time, your skateboard wheels don’t come with bearings. Since you’ve already had the bearing attached on your old deck, you just need to mount the wheels on it.

However, if you’re planning to replace your skateboard wheels, you might want to change the bearings too. The reason being that as your wheels wear down, so do the bearings. And at a certain point, it’s not safe to install the new wheels on your old bearings anymore.

What are skateboard wheels made of?

a plastic-like materia
a plastic-like material

Nowadays, most skateboard manufacturers use polyurethane (also known as urethane) to produce their wheels. It is a plastic-like material that provides excellent responsiveness while remaining more durable.

Polyurethane is extremely lightweight, making it an ideal material for producing lighter boards. Moreover, it is also durable against high temperatures, this explains why your skateboard wheels can roll all day on the scorching earth surface without being melt.

However, not all wheels are made from the same Polyurethane since there are a lot of different compositions. While high-quality wheels are usually made of two or three urethane compositions, cheap manufacturers usually use a single urethane composition for their products.

Hence, next time buying your skateboard wheels, make sure you read the product information carefully. You wouldn’t want to get yourself a poorly-made product.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.