6 Types of Longboard Beginners Should Know

Hey there, are you looking for your first beginner longboard?

If that’s so, you may be very excited but at the same time confused with all the available choices.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Out of the thousands of longboards available, there are 6 main types which we think every beginner should know.

This is a very good starting point to find out which one would be best for you.

Let’s not wait any longer and jump right in!

1. Cruiser Longboard

The VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser

The first type we want to share with you is the cruiser longboard. Beginners love this type of board. It’s super easy to ride and beginner friendly.

Cruiser boards usually have a pintail shape. It’s kind of like a miniature version of a surfboard. In fact, the cruiser longboard is very surfy.

You can use the board for long rides or casual rides. Balancing on the board is absolutely no big deal. It may take you several days or even several hours.

Unlike downhill longboard (we’ll talk about this in a moment), this kind of board often has high degree trucks. It also has soft wheels around 80A Durometer.

If you’re looking for a good longboard to cruise around town or to the beach, you can check out Retrospec Zed Bamboo complete cruiser. Quest Super Cruiser is also very nice.

2. Carving Longboard

Next up, let’s get you familiar with the carving longboard. The name is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?

You guessed it, carving longboard is the specific type made for carving. Among the other kinds, carving boards are the most pumpy.

Its deck usually has a cambered profile. That means, when you pump the board with your feet, you’ll get a lot of power back. The deck itself is quite flexy.

You can make super deep turns on the carving board. By pumping the board, you can also speed up your ride.

The board deck is flat. You won’t find any swept-up kicktails. Because it’s not made for tricks.

Also, the board has a cut-out shape to provide maximum agility and anti-wheelbite function. The Atom Drop-Through 41 inch longboard is a very nice one if you’re interested.

Carving does take some time to practice. Specifically, how you pump the board to get up to speed and move your body accordingly with each turn can be difficult.

Compared to cruising, it can be a bit harder. However, it may only take days or weeks until you nail this down.

3. Freestyle Longboard

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Our third type is the freestyle board. This one is made for doing tricks and for surfy rides.

Unlike the flat carving board that we saw earlier, freestyle board does have kicks. With these elevated kicks, you can do kicks and flip tricks easily on the board.

Also, the deck has a cambered profile. This allows you to do some powerful pumps to accelerate.

You’ll often find cut-out shape on the deck as well. They are there to prevent wheel bites.

You can customize the wheels, too! If you want some powerful pumps, you can choose soft wheels.

If you want to do tricks on the board, choose the hardness in between. However, if you’re looking for a great sliding experience, then take the hard wheels.

Atom Bamboo Tiki is a very good freestyle longboard. It has 9 layers of wood and reversed kingpin construction. Heavy riders up to 275 lbs can ride the board easily.

4. Downhill Longboard

If you’re in a need for speed, then the downhill longboard is the one for you. It’s made for speed and can go over 24 MPH downhills!

The deck of the downhill longboard is very thick and stiff. You won’t find much flex like on the carving or freestyle board.

This makes sense because you need a very strong and thick base when going at extreme speeds down the hills.

A thick deck will protect you and increase stability. You won’t experience any wobbles.

Unlike the cruiser board with high degree trucks, downhill longboard has lower degree trucks. They are about 40 degrees, to be exact.

The board also has softer wheels around 78A Durometer. Their trucks are also wide. All of these components make sure you get the best stability when racing.

Downhill boards have super rough grip tape. This will provide you with the best friction at high speeds.

The $7 grip tape sheet is often not very high-quality grip tape. A good one may cost around $10 or $20.

If you’re looking for a downhill longboard that’s affordable, definitely check out Quest Zero Dark downhill style board. It’s super awesome and priced at $60.

5. Freeride Longboard (Freestyle + Downhill)

the new longboard wheels called Shark Wheels

Freeride longboard is the combination of the freestyle board and the downhill board. You’ll find it in various shapes like the bullet shape or the cut-out shape.

You can do tricks on a freeride board on flat ground. You can also race on it down the hills.

Most freeride longboards are bidirectional. This means that the front and the back is the same. This helps you orient your tricks more easily.

If you like this 2-in-1 style, you may want to check out Volador 42inch freeride longboard. It works great and is affordable.

6. Dancing Longboard

Finally, we want to introduce to you the dancing longboard. Out of the five types you’ve seen, this one is definitely the longest.

You can do boardwalks on the board. You can certainly pull off some moves like jagger, too!

The design of this board is surf inspired. You can feel like you’re surfing the sidewalk on this one.

There are many shapes of a dancer longboard you can choose. There’s the symmetrical one, the semi-symmetrical, and the pintail. So, it depends on your preference.

Dancing longboards are also great for longer rides or on longer trips. You can carry it along with you. It’s quite heavy, though.

Volador 46inch dancing longboard is a good option with fresh graphics and high-quality components.


Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard

Whether you’re looking for your first or second beginner longboards, we hope you found this post helpful. If you’re a complete beginner, we recommend starting with a cruiser longboard. It’s priced about $50 and super beginner-friendly.

Downhill board is a great choice for speed lovers. A dancing longboard is for you if you like boardwalking. In any case, have a great time longboarding!